Chris Slane Hs

Cartoonist Chris Slane

One of New Zealand’s best known freelance cartoonists specialising in cartoons about privacy, security and information.  Creating and selling ready-made cartoons on-demand for clients as well as an independent editorial cartoonist for publications such as the NZListener and Farmer's Weekly. 

Clients include Microsoft, Barclays, BNP Paribas, NetsafeNZ, NZX, Ombudsmen and Privacy Commissioners.

I am interested in comics, history, current events and comedy. I live in Auckland, New Zealand, was born in here in 1957. I graduated with a Bachelor of Town Planning while drawing cartoons for the student magazine Craccum. 

Fun parts of the job #146 - collaborating with @Slanecartoons over Christmas card commission!

John Edwards @JCE_PC Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand

Copyright and why you should license a cartoon

As a full-time professional freelance artist, my cartoons represent time, effort, creative endeavour and intellectual property. Retaining copyright and charging for use enables not only maintenance of the existing catalogue, but also supports new work and time spent responding to enquiries.

Pirated use

To recoup fees from unlicensed use of my cartoons I have engaged agents They use a commercial copyright enforcement service with special software to sift through the internet and signal potentially pirated cartoons. Once an incidence is identified they contact the unlicensed users, educate them about the need to pay for images used and recoup a usage fee. They can enforce any given claims (e.g. cease and desist demands, compensation and reimbursement claims) referring to the copyright infringing use of the cartoons mentioned in their own name and at their own expense. 

Royalties for the cartoonist

After obtaining royalties for the cartoonist Cartoonstock deduct a percentage fee for their own services. 

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Cartoons on data protection, security, safety, privacy, access to personal information, education and human rights.