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Terms and Conditions For Commissions



  •   - Discussion, brainstorming, suggestions, reference material. Send me any thoughts or material relating to the themes you want covered. 
  •   - Preliminary pencils. I will come back to you with a number of pencil sketches.
  •   - Feedback, tweaks, new directions, final pencils. We agree on a selection to draw up as final art, usually in colour. 
  •   - Preparation of final artwork.
  •   - Delivery of jpeg/pdf, at print resolution, usually by email
  •  Fees: After getting a brief of the work I can give you an estimate. The fee is mutually agreed before commencement of a project. 

Schedule of Payments:

  1. Initial payment.
  2. Progress payment.
  3. Completion payment.


Copyright is usually extended to your organisation for what ever uses you have in mind, for a specified period and I retain the remaining ownership of the cartoons. All rights subsisting in the cartoons, including all moral rights, artwork in digital form or original artwork remain the property of the artist. License is granted to the client for use as described in the Brief/Statement of Work. Further use of artwork in any form must be negotiated with me prior to that use. Working drawings and any materials used in preparation of my work remain the property of the artist. 

Confidentiality. The artist reserves the right to display a digital copy of the artwork on any chosen blog or web site, after that interval. Work may or may not be shown in my online portfolio, and in printed form, after [ .... years/months/days ]. The work may be entered into design competitions and promotions. 

Force Majeure. The artist is not liable for failure to complete the work before deadline due to “acts of God” that can prevent completion of the work, such as fire , flood, meteorite etc 

Cancellation. If at any stage you should decide not to proceed with use of the artwork, the fee up to that stage would be your only commitment. Work that is refused by the client or not paid in full cannot be used in whole or in part. 

Additional Work and Alterations. Upon agreement, the artist will carry out any significant additional work to the cartoon, at a fee to be negotiated. Alterations to the artwork will only be made with prior agreement of the artist.

Letter of Engagement Preview images of standard terms

These are used for large or long-term commissions 

Sc Letter 1

Letter of Engagement page 1

Sc Letter 2

Letter of Engagement page 2

Slane Cartoons Terms Lo 1
Slane Cartoons Terms Lo 2
Slane Cartoons Terms Lo 3
Slane Cartoons Terms Lo 4

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