Licensing cartoons on information, cyber-security, privacy, environment, education & politics.
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I have collaborated with many companies and institutional governmental agencies aligned with similar values around the topics of privacy and security to produce many of the cartoons seen in my galleries. So, feel free to enquire about developing new cartoons which are tailored to your own specialised needs. Below is a description of my work process.

Clients :



BNP Paribas


NZ Ombudsman

NZ Privacy Commissioner



Commission a cartoon. 

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Idea sketch stage.

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Finished art stage.

You can commission me to create cartoons on a particular subject or theme.    I can research them myself or you can forward any relevant material. I will estimate a price based on the scope of work, your intended use, distribution and exclusivity.

After terms are agreed I will develop a number of pencil concepts over a period of 7-14 days. I then email a larger group of options than are needed for you to select favourites and discard extras. This is a good point at which to discuss any alterations or improvements. If any any time you wish to halt the process my only fee would be for work up to that stage.

I develop finished colour versions of the cartoons for your final approval. After downloading them via FTP or email you can drop the cartoons into your powerpoint, website, blog, or poster as planned.

Commissioned work is priced on application, at a higher rate than use of existing cartoons, due the time involved.  Copyright is usually retained by Slane Cartoons Limited unless otherwise arranged. I may invoice at various stages of the work if it is carried out over an extended period.

How to commission a cartoon:

1: Brief cartoonist on your requirements. Cartoonist creates some concepts, in the form of pencil sketches.

2: Clients select the ideas they like best and suggest any alterations.

3: Finished colour versions of the cartoon are drawn up as finished art then delivered to you by email or FTP.  

4: You drop the cartoons into your powerpoints, websites, blogs, posters etc.

Fun parts of the job #146 - collaborating with @Slanecartoons over Christmas card commission!

John Edwards @JCE_PC Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand

Price is on application at a higher rate than existing cartoons due the time involved. Copyright is usually retained by Slane Cartoons Limited, unless otherwise arranged. 

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