You can commission Chris to draw cartoons. 

Chris Slane Hs

Chris Slane

After discussing your aims, I will develop pencil concepts. Select the ideas you like best and suggest any alterations. Finished colour versions of the cartoon are drawn up and delivered to your inbox. Drop the cartoons into your powerpoint, website, blog, poster, etc, then bask in the warm glow of appreciative audiences.

My clients include Microsoft, Barclays, BNP Paribas, NetsafeNZ, NZX, Offices of The Ombudsman and the Privacy Commissioner.

Elfies Slaneconz

Fun parts of the job #146 - collaborating with @Slanecartoons over Christmas card commission!

John Edwards @JCE_PC Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand

Scamp Paperless
Unplannedrelease Slaneconz

Creating new a cartoon is priced on application at a higher rate than existing cartoons due the time involved. Price may also be affected by your intended use, distribution and exclusivity. Copyright is usually retained by Slane Cartoons Limited, unless otherwise arranged. 

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Waldo S Data Slaneconz
Cartoons on data protection, security, safety, privacy, access to personal information, education and human rights.