Comments on Chris Slane's cartoons.


Vint Cerf

Internet pioneer, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

Chris Slane's sense of humor is sharp and wicked and so much to the point!

The very last cartoon shows a couple on the beach saying "It's so good to get away from it all" while everyone is taking photos with their mobiles. It makes a point I have been making for a while now: some of the loss of privacy is a consequence of things we do to ourselves or to each other."

Vint Cerf, Internet pioneer, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow


Chris Slane's privacy-oriented editorial cartoons are painfully funny!

Online privacy is pretty much a dumpster-fire, but it's a funny dumpster fire in the world of Kiwi editorial cartoonist Chris Slane, whose one-panel strips are hilarious in a kind of oh-shit-we're-doomed kind of way."

Cory Doctorow, Writer, blogger, activist

Marie Shroff Privacy Commissioner

Marie Shroff

Privacy Commissioner Of New Zealand 2003-13

The main thing people will remember from a speech about privacy is often a colourful cartoon image which lightly carries the burden of a serious message.

Chris's cartoons have interpreted the human impacts of these changes in a perceptive and humorous way, dealing with social networking, surveillance, big data and privacy breaches. Chris is skilled at visualising the issues to draw out the risks and benefits of the new digital medium. The cartoons are an invaluable resource.

Marie Shroff, Privacy Commissioner Of New Zealand 2003-2013

John Edwards

John Edwards

Privacy Commissioner Of New Zealand 2014 – 

Fun parts of the job #146 - collaborating with @Slanecartoons over Christmas card commission!

John Edwards, Privacy Commissioner Of New Zealand @JCE_PC

Ian F Grant Nz

Ian F Grant

Founder of the NZ Cartoon Archive

Privacy has been a special subject for Chris Slane's cartoons since 1998. Many aspects of privacy have come in for his attention - the impact of technology, business use of information, health, government databases - he has challenged them all.

Chris Slane is a leading cartoonist today, working for a number of magazines in an era when reputations are usually still made via a daily editorial page cartoon," says Ian F Grant, founder of the NZ Cartoon Archive at the National Library. Cartooning has traditionally been a black and white art, but Chris has added a new dimension with his striking use of colour, particularly as the Listener's political cartoonist.

Ian F Grant, Founder of the Cartoon Archive at the National Library of New Zealand

Dylan Horrocks

Dylan Horrocks


The @nzlistener is lucky to have @Slanecartoons. Treasure him!

Dylan Horrocks, Cartoonist, comic creator

Cartoons on data protection, security, safety, privacy, access to personal information, education and human rights.