Cartoon Portfolio of Chris Slane
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Latest work



Judith Collins & Gun Caricature
Collins Report
Judith Collins Power Outage
Collins Bull
CEO Salary Linked To Minimum
Business confidence
Don Brash in front of a statue memorial to 'Brash-onomics'..24 April 2014 Alexander Turnbull Library
Baby army
ACT Ship Wreck
Dracula At Tauranga
UK Castle Gates
UK Castle Gates Movie
Castle Password Poster
Home Burglar Laptop Poster
Free USB Drive Hacker Poster
Snake Pond April Fools Day
Alert System Poster
Airport Scam Poster
The ABCs Of InfoSec Poster
Wise Whistleblower Monkey
Deep-fake Signs Poster
Deepfake Signs
The Blair Sheep Project
Geotag Hacker Poster
Floating Houses
Farmers Weekly

Earlier 2021

Rock Tumbler
National Party Candidate Production
Cyber Attack- New Zealand Movie
Clarkson Dust
Farm Workers Wanted
Pianos on bikes
Pharaoh's Weak Password
CEO Strike
Cartoon depicts
Lone Wolf Invisible To Security Movie
Mental Health-Beds R-Us Movie
Mental Health-Beds R-Us
E-ATV - the next classic kiwi farm vehicle
A new ute?
Lone Wolf Invisible To Security
National Party Candidate Production
Divers Irritated By Progressive Pedestrians
Amphibian Future
Cyber Attack - International Version
Cyber Attack NZ Movie
Cyber Attack- New Zealand
Samoa Boating Crisis